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Client Pack

Our client pack is available which provides information on our services, price list, postage paid labels and personalised submission forms. Please ring us or e-mail us to request a pack for your practice.

All samples must include a submission form with relevant details including a synopsis of the relevant clinical history (computer printouts are usually of limited value). Where appropriate, a list of your clinical differential diagnoses for that case should be included. Please mark the animal outline with the site from which the tissue was removed. These details must be included, even if the case has been discussed on the telephone, as we discuss many cases each day and the information may be used (with consent) in the future for research purposes.

Please ensure that cytology slides, whether or not submitted together with formalin-fixed specimens, are packed in an airtight fashion to prevent exposure to formalin fumes since this significantly reduces the diagnostic utility of cytological preparations.

It is a legal requirement that all specimens are securely packaged, for further information please go to the Royal Mail website for the IATA statutory regulations (IATA 650). To view the IATA statutory regulations you will need to go to the Government’s website. All diagnostic specimens should
comply with UN3373 packaging instruction P650.

We can provide free of charge pots and postal boxes. If you would like supplies please let us know. Self-adhesive postage paid address labels are supplied but to print your own postage labels.

Laboratory Routine

Samples arrive by post or by courier, and are booked into our system by the customer service team.

The samples are passed to the laboratory where the tissue is trimmed ready for processing. Processing is normally carried out overnight. The sections are then cut, stained and  passed to pathology team for interpretation.

Once this is completed we then send a typed report by post, fax or e-mail (as requested).


Itemised invoices are prepared monthly. We request payment in full within 30 days of the invoice. We reserve the right to levy a surcharge of 2.5% per month on outstanding invoices.

Interest Only Specimens

For specimens not required for diagnosis but for interest only, please contact the lab to discuss pricing [usually 70% of standard prices] and turn round times which will be longer than diagnostic timings.

Telephone Enquiries

We are happy to discuss any cases with our clients prior to or after submission.

If you wish to discuss cases that we have already reported then please quote the laboratory reference number. If you do not have this, you will be asked for your practice name, practice address and the owners name, as it is these details which we need for our computer system in order to obtain the reference number and as a security precaution.