Client Information (Non-UK)

Important Information for samples being sent from overseas (outside the U.K. and E.U.) to the United Kingdom.

Under U.K. law importation of samples for diagnostic purposes from E.U. countries do not require a licence but from non-E.U. countries a licence is required. Below is a copy of our licence to import diagnostic samples from animal origin and a printout of this should be sent with every sample so that, if there is any problem, they can contact us quickly. 

Tissues for histological examination should be fixed in formalin, and slides and smears for cytological examination should be air dried as normal and then immersed in alcohol (preferably ethanol) for a few minutes. Please try to ensure that cytology slides are packaged in an airtight fashion to prevent formalin exposure to the cytology slides. Exposure to formalin significantly reduces the diagnostic usefulness of cytology preparations.

For non-fixed tissues such as blood, urine, swabs, faeces etc. our licence currently applies to ten countries, but that is being continually updated with new countries added when necessary. If you are from a country not included on this list please contact us and we will apply to extend our licence to your country.

It is not necessary to set up an account, it is automatically on the receipt of the sample invoice which are sent out by the middle of the month following month of submission


Import Licence Information:

Licence No ITIMP 16/0597
All packages must be clearly labelled “Animal Pathogen importation authorised by licence number ITIMP 16/0597 issued under the Trade in Animal Products and Related Product Regulations 2011”



Please fill in the details requested (including your address) so that we can process your sample correctly and without delay. Forms not filled out correctly may NOT be processed.

Prepaid labels are not applicable for posting overseas and any consumables will attract a postal fee.

To download all of the forms below as an archive (.zip) click on the icon.

Download the import labels

Download the import labels

Download the import licences

Download the import declaration